Business Summary

Reich Consulting Group assists and advises entrepreneurs and the management teams of early stage life sciences enterprises, drawing on the broad insights and experience of successful life sciences inventor and entrepreneur Sam Reich and his expert associates.

In the life sciences the path from invention to commercialization can be long and capital intensive, yet the most critical decisions are often made at the earliest stages.  Issues such as patent filings, licensing deals and agreements between inventors and founding management teams can have a tremendous impact on the likelihood of development and commercial success, as well as the extent of value creation realized by the founders.  In addition, to create an attractive opportunity for potential investors, founders must develop a compelling business strategy, efficient and effective organizational structure, and milestone-driven product development plan.  Doing these well will enhance the venture’s chances of obtaining the financing needed to maintain momentum and reach key milestones in an expedient fashion.

Our aim is to help our clients maximize the value of their innovations and take the right steps to ensure their company reaches its full potential.

Our Services

Business Strategy:  Help formulate and implement a business plan that maintains the entrepreneurial mission while creating an attractive opportunity for potential investors.

Program Management:  Work with founders and management to structure and implement programs to drive the company towards value inflection points.

Intellectual Property:  Help the company to develop and maintain a cost-effective intellectual property strategy that ensures its technology and products are well protected.

Negotiations:  Advise founders on the structure and terms of founding partnerships, agreements with key executives and additional licensing agreements.

Business Development:  Assist in the identification, evaluation and in-licensing of new technology and products and out-licensing of non-strategic assets.